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Jeff Petersen

Legal Director

Jeff Petersen, Attorney

Jeff strongly believes that high quality estate planning keeps the peace between family members after a loved one’s passing. He enjoys crafting highly-customized estate plans for clients, and believes that careful planning is a gift to those we leave behind.

Jeff is also passionate about peaceful dispute resolution, and he strives to strengthen families in our community. He believes that healthy family bonds are crucial to personal happiness and connected communities. When conflict arises between family members, Jeff will make every effort to assist in finding a resolution in a respectful way. Jeff’s focus is on facilitating healthy problem solving so that family relationships are renewed, not destroyed.

As both a family law attorney and a child of divorced parents, Jeff has firsthand experience with how poorly the adversarial court system typically serves families in conflict. Going to court is often a long and expensive process. It can also be stressful and unsatisfying for both parties in the end. Parties to a family court case often feel as though important matters are out of their control and instead in the hands of attorneys and judges. Rarely do parties “have their day in court”, as the vast majority of cases settle before trial. Even the few parties who eventually go to trial are often unhappy with a number of the court’s rulings.

He is a graduate of the University of California at Santa Barbara (BA, Political Science) and Chapman University School of Law (JD, with an emphasis in advocacy and dispute resolution). Jeff was certified to mediate disputes while in law school in 2005, and is also a certified mediator member of the Washington Mediation Association.

Formerly, Jeff practiced law in Oregon, beginning with an attorney fellowship at Lewis & Clark Law School. His practice areas in Oregon included civil litigation, contracts, mediation, and administrative law. Jeff has volunteered in Columbia County, Oregon to counsel and represent victims of domestic violence, as well as to those who need assistance in family law matters such as divorce and guardianship. He has also represented elderly victims of consumer fraud. Jeff has provided parenting plan mediation services to families through the Oregon Department of Justice in a pilot program funded by the federal government. For several years, Jeff contracted with the Washington State Office of Civil Legal Aid to provide attorney representation for children in the foster care system.

On April 22, 2014, the Oregon Law Center recognized Jeff for two years of pro bono advocacy for victims of domestic violence, sex assault and stalking. The Center awarded him a Certificate of Merit & Gratitude for Pro Bono Advocacy.

Jeff is licensed to practice law in both Washington and Oregon, but he is currently accepting legal matters in Washington only.

Jeff values spending time with his family and relaxing at his country home. He also enjoys surfing, mountain biking, hiking, photography, and travel.

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